Ready to Transform Your Cincinnati Kitchen with Cabinet Painting?

Cabinet painting is a beautiful and budget-friendly way to give your kitchen an updated look without the high price and construction mess of replacing your cabinets. Our cabinet painters are craftspeople who do meticulous work to ensure long-lasting results.

Updating your kitchen improves the value of your home. According to real estate professionals, an update to your kitchen is one of the best return on investments you can make inside your home. Plus, a quality makeover makes your home a more enjoyable place for you and your family.

Find Inspiration in Some of our Cabinet Painting Projects Across Cincinnati.

White Cabinet Painting - Black Hardware - Close Up - Forest Park OH - CCR
Cabinet Painting - Cincinnati OH - Light Blue Paint Color - Black Hardware - CCR
Ross Township Hamilton OH Kitchen Remodel-Upper White-Lower Cabinets Downing Slate-Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing-338x450
Black Cabinet Painting - Cincinnati OH - Granite Countertops - Close Up - CCR
Endless Sea - Blue Kitchen Island Paint Colors - Hamilton OH Kitchen Cabinet Painting - CCR 800x600W
Basement Remodel - Liberty Township OH - White Cabinet Painting - Gray Countertop - CCR
Cabinet Painting-Laundry Room-Liberty Township OH-CCR-600x400
Kitchen Cabinet Painting - Fairfield OH - White Cabinet Paint - New White Backsplash - White Quartz Countertop - CCR

Benefits of Cabinet Painting

Our cabinet painters are fast, affordable, and ensure minimal disruption in your kitchen.

  • Updated look for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.
  • Endless color choices.
  • Change your cabinet door profile including adding glass.
  • Cabinet update packages dress up doors and cabinets with new trim and molding.
  • Less mess—no need to move everything out of your kitchen.
  • No landfill waste—reuses what you already have.
  • Less time—we only spend 2-3 days working in your kitchen and most jobs take one week from start to finish.

There's Probably Nothing Wrong with Your Existing Cabinets.

Most of the time, the functionality of your existing kitchen cabinets is just fine. People want to replace them because they are out-of-date, worn out, or they want a cabinet color change.

Our cabinet painters and carpenters can repair minor damage or even replace damaged doors or drawer fronts (cabinet refacing) before painting. It's so much cheaper than full cabinet replacement, and it's almost like having brand new cabinets.

Upgraded Dark Green Kitchen Island Paint Colors in Cincinnati
Kitchen Island Colors-Dark brown island in white kitchen with wood floors-Fairfiled Ohio

Paint Color Choices

Unlike ordering new cabinets that only come in manufacturer colors, you can choose from an endless variety of paint colors. Pick from different shades, tones, and tints for just the right color palette from a top-quality brand like Sherwin-Williams.

Popular paint color trends for kitchen cabinets include bright whites, soothing blues and grays, and earthy greens and browns. A black and white kitchen theme is timeless and so versatile for adding your own accent color.

Cabinet Door Painting - Dark Ash Island, Bar Pulls - Fairfield Ohio - CCR 600x400
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing-Solid Panels Converted to Glass Flute - Fairfield Ohio-CCR

Cabinet Painting Process

Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing uses a multi-step process and guarantees the quality of your new kitchen cabinet paint job.

1. The Estimate Consultation
First, we prepare a detailed estimate for you to review.

2. Painting Your Cabinets at Our Facility
Next, the doors and drawer fronts are removed. By taking these cabinet parts to our shop, we spend less time disrupting you and your kitchen.

Our cabinet painters will then finish the doors and drawer fronts, and complete the cabinet base fronts in your kitchen.

  • Clean off dirt and grease.
  • Sand to get good finish adherence.
  • Fill holes from previous door pulls or hinge hardware.
  • Primer coat applied.
  • Two coats of paint applied.
  • Sealer applied to give the cabinets a gleaming finish, make them even more durable, and easy to clean.

3. Cabinet Installation
When all doors and drawer fronts are ready, we reinstall them (and add new hardware, if you've chosen some). This step in the project could take two or three days.

The only thing you need to do is move some items so we have access to the first 4 or 5 inches of interior cabinet space. You'll be able to access and use your kitchen for most of this week-long project.

FAQs: How to Protect Your Painted Cabinets

Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing takes care to do a superb job, using quality paints and skilled painting techniques. That makes protecting and maintaining your freshly painted cabinets easy!

What Do I Need to Be Careful Of?
Grease, moisture, and dirt can lead to peeling paint that makes your cabinets look shabby.

How Do I Clean Them?
Gently wipe dirt and grease from your cabinets using a damp microfiber cloth. Don't add anything stronger than dish soap or vinegar to avoid exposing your cabinets to harsh chemicals.
See also: How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets.

Use Your Stove Fan
Run your kitchen fan every time you cook anything that will produce steam. Steam is, after all, another form of water.
See also: Kitchen Cabinet Water Damage.

When Will I Need to Repaint?
A good interior cabinet paint job can last 15 to 20 years.

Additional Kitchen Services

Kitchen Remodel Makeover services offered include:

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