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Black and White Kitchens Offer Endless Accenting Options

A black and white kitchen will never go out of style. But the best thing about this kitchen design is versatility. The accents you add to the black and white base are what gives it your personality. You might like a stream-lined, functional space or a romantic rustic feel. It's easy to make a black and white kitchen your own.

This cabinet color combination can brighten up a small kitchen or blend an open space concept seamlessly from room to room. Black and white kitchens complement both white and gray countertops exceptionally well. Stainless steel appliances shine, but any appliance color looks chic with this color theme.

A backsplash is one practical feature that also showcases your individuality. It gives black and white kitchens texture, a colorful pop, or an elegant presence. Distinctive light fixtures bring the design together.

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Black and White Kitchen Combinations

1. White Cabinets with a Black Island
This is a very popular way to combine trendy and classic in your kitchen remodel makeover. White cabinets provide a dramatic contrast to a black painted island. White keeps the room bright even if you don’t have a lot of natural light, while the island becomes a focal point.

2. Black Cabinets, Black Island, with Bright White Countertops
Black gives your kitchen instant sophistication. It's the other elements in the space that determine its charm. Black cabinets and drawers make a beautiful backdrop for cabinet hardware (handles, pull, and knobs). It's an inexpensive way to dress them up or down. Even the sink and faucet play a part. An exquisite white quartz countertop or granite countertop adds the finishing touch.

3. White Cabinets, White Island, with Black Countertops and Backsplash
This color combination embraces time-honored beauty with a simple palette. Painted white cabinets showcased by polished black granite and a black herringbone backsplash is clean, contemporary, and striking.

4. Two-tone Cabinets with a White or Black Island
There are dozens of shades, tints, and tones in paint colors for black and white kitchens. We suggest a lighter white shade on the upper cabinets, and a darker gray-black on the lower cabinets. Then use black or white kitchen island colors to grandstand the island as the star of the show. You could tie this look together with white quartz countertops, and a gray-patterned subway tile like Anthology Collage from Hamilton-Parker.

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How to Choose Paint Colors for Black and White Kitchens

Undertones Matter
The first thing you see in a paint color is the color's mass tone. The underlying color is called an undertone. Choosing the wrong undertone can make a room look unappealing.

Black Paint Colors
Most black paint colors have brown, gray, or blue undertones. Take a few minutes to look at the colors in a black family of paint samples and see if you can identify them.

The color Black of Night from Sherwin-Williams has a blue undertone to give your kitchen a relaxing vibe. This color matches well with lighter grays, cool beiges, and light wood.

On the other end of the black spectrum is Greenblack, which exhibits a warmer undertone. It’s beautiful with brighter colors like Rave Red.

White Paint Colors
Warm white paint colors have undertones of red, orange, and yellow. Cooler whites have hints of green, blue, and violet.

You can choose the brightest white-white, such as Highly Reflective White. Or, maybe you prefer a white with subtle undertones of blue-gray like Ice Cube to complement an accent color of blue or coral in your black and white kitchen.

Ask us for help in choosing coordinating colors for your black and white kitchen makeover.

About Tones, Tints, and Shades of Paint

We create different tones of the same color by adding subtle amounts of gray. It's a complicated process (so as not to muddy the original color) but very pleasing to the eye.

We tint a paint color by adding more white. It lightens or pales the base color, but doesn't make it brighter.

Add black to a color (no white or gray) to darken the base color a shade.

Accessorizing and Decorating a Black and White Kitchen

Splashes of Accent Colors
Your choice in accent colors and textures is unlimited. Add a pop of bright color in a light fixture hanging over the island. Or bring color into the kitchen furnishings and countertop accessories. Accents like a shiny metal range hood vent create a functional and decorative centerpiece.

In black and white kitchens, a little color goes a long way. Small splashes are all you need-from an orange ceramic bowl on the island, to a green houseplant on the counter, to yellow cushions on your barstools-they will stand out in an engaging way without overpowering the room.

Texture Adds Depth and Interest
Too many shiny, smooth features can throw your kitchen design's balance out of whack. Add materials like wood, stone, metal, and glass. Install a patterned backsplash or hang artwork in a variety of shapes and sizes for dimension.

Our custom carpentry services create depth with trim or crown molding designs on the kitchen island. And don't forget cabinet hardware as a beautiful, functional way to add texture, too.

The only colors not recommended in your black and white kitchen are primary colors. These are too stark and child-like. Instead of selecting primary red, select a brick red. Instead of primary yellow, try a sunflower yellow to bring color, warmth, and depth into the space.

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The Importance of Lighting

White reflects light and black absorbs it. Combining these opposite characteristics of black and white into your kitchen requires some planning.

Consider where you place lighting, how much lighting you have, and include multiple lighting sources you can turn on and off independently.

Some lighting options include:

  • Track Lighting
    Aimed at work areas in the kitchen such as sink and cooktop.
  • Recessed Spotlights
    For overall kitchen light.
  • Pendent Lights
    Hang pendent lighting over a breakfast bar or island. The globe fixtures come in a range of styles and colors, so they'll provide light where you need it and a decorative flair.
  • Under and Over
    This is specifically cabinet lighting.
  • Dimmer Switches
    So you can adjust brightness as needed.
  • Chandelier
    They look spectacular over an island. Modern chandeliers are functional, beautiful, and complement the focal point in the room.

Start Planning!

Black and white kitchens are timeless classics you won't need to update for years. Just update your accents when you're ready for a change. Factors to consider when planning your kitchen remodel makeover include:

  • Multiple lighting sources.
  • Black undertone color.
  • White undertone color.
  • Accent color for interior walls and accessories.
  • Where to use white, and where to use black to bring out the best in your layout.

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