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Fast and Frugal Ross Township, OH Cabinet Painting Project

These homeowners purchased a charming home in the Ross Township area of Hamilton. They love the house and the neighborhood. The only room they felt needed a facelift was the white kitchen.

But having just invested in the house, a complete kitchen remodel was beyond their budget.

This project offers a perfect example of how economical it can be to update a kitchen, quickly and simply with a cabinet color change.

We met with them, learned what they liked and what they didn't like, and came up with a cabinet painting plan.

What's Wrong with White Kitchen Cabinets?

The all-white kitchen has been popular for several decades. Realtors often recommend that home sellers paint the kitchen white. It's a timeless minimalist design that generally appeals to potential buyers.

And it's true that house shoppers respond well to white kitchens primarily because they look clean and tidy, which is a huge advantage.

Another benefit to potential buyers is that they can easily imagine imprinting their own design style on the blank canvas.

These Ross Township homeowners felt the all-white kitchen was too boring and bland for their taste. Almost clinical in it's feel, it lacked warmth and personality.

Another drawback for this family is that every smudge shows, and mom was spending a lot of time wiping little fingerprints off the lower cabinets!

Cabinet Painting Color: Blue or Gray? Just Can't Say!

Two trending colors for kitchen cabinets are blue and gray. In fact, according to the home design experts at houzz, gray is the second most popular kitchen interior painting color.

Going with the trend, our customers chose Sherwin-Williams Downing Slate. This is a dark shade of gray with strong blue undertones.

Downing Slate has a low light reflective value (LRV). What that means is it's significantly less reflective than white.

Incorporating dark gray, immediately toned down the glaring white of the kitchen. Additionally, this charcoal shade adds a sense of drama.

The homeowners also love that Downing Slate comes from the historic Victorian color collection which suits this stately heritage home in Hamilton.

The gray cabinet color blends nicely with black granite countertops.

Cool gray balances with warm brown floors and backsplash.

The Hamilton, OH Kitchen Painting Project

Harmony and Visual Appeal

We painted the kitchen walls, lower cabinets, and the island in this same beautiful gray. The colors in the kitchen coordinate beautifully, bringing elegance and sophistication to the space.

  • Balance: The dark blue-gray lower cabinets provide a strong contrast with the white upper cabinets. No longer boring and monochromatic, the space feels balanced.
  • Airy: Retaining the white upper cabinets gives a sense of openness and lightness. The kitchen feels bright and airy.
  • Warmth: Using a darker color on the lower cabinets creates a grounding effect which is reinforced as it makes contact with the hardwood floors.
  • Depth: The organic brown tones in the tile backsplash tie in with the flooring for a warm and natural connection.
  • Visual Interest: The dynamic interplay of warm and neutral colors, with a touch of cool blue, adds dimension to what once was a flat space. There is flexibility in this paint palette to add a splash of color through the choice of décor and kitchenware.

Downing Slate coordinates with the hardwood flooring.

The color also looks amazing with the existing backsplash.

Here is a little desk area and electronics charging station.

Adding Polish to the Cabinet Painting Project

Back to those little fingers touching the lower cabinets - we installed Blum soft-close cabinet hinges on all of the freshly painted cabinet doors. No more worries about fingers getting pinched.

Additionally, the cabinet doors close quietly so mom doesn't disturb the baby's nap.

We also added attractive and functional new hardware pulls to the cabinets and drawers.

Expert Cabinet Painting That Won't Break Your Budget

As you can see from this Ross Township kitchen cabinet painting project, fresh paint goes a long way towards changing a kitchen's vibe.

We offer a comprehensive à la carte menu of kitchen upgrade services. Pick out the changes that'll make the most impact now, and plan for other updates down the road.

Or take advantage of our paint-now-pay-later financing for immediate gratification.

We also provide these kitchen upgrade services:

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