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5 Tips to Prevent Kitchen Cabinet Water Damage

Your cabinet doors and drawer faces live in the moisture danger zone. Here are some simple steps to prevent kitchen cabinet water damage.

1. Steer Clear of Hot Steam

A coffee maker sitting on the counter under your cabinet is the worst. Also never use rice cookers, pressure cookers, and similar appliances beneath your upper cabinets.

The steam they produce will damage both the cabinet finish and the wood itself. Instead, use these types of cooking appliances in unobstructed places like your kitchen island.

Dishwashers create a lot of heat and steam. To protect the surrounding cabinets, avoid opening the dishwasher door until the dry cycle finishes and the steam dissipates.

2. Dry the Drips

Water drips, especially near the sink, result in kitchen cabinet water damage. Over time, exposure to moisture eats away both painted and stained finishes.

Make it a habit to wipe down cabinet surfaces near water sources after tasks like cooking, doing dishes or loading the dishwasher, and even putting slightly wet dishes away. A Microfiber cloth is best. Keep one handy for just this purpose.

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Steam Causes Kitchen Cabinet Water Damage - Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing

3. Pretty Towels Doing Unintentional Harm

It's common and even practical to hang kitchen towels over the sink, over a cabinet door, or tucked into a drawer handle. But, unless they are freshly laundered, kitchen towels are often damp or dripping, dirty and even greasy.

Don't let them come into contact with your cabinetry. Find alternatives like a countertop towel rack, magnetic towel hooks for the refrigerator, or safely hang them through the oven handle.

4. Functional Hardware Prevents Kitchen Cabinet Water Damage

You've probably heard it said that cabinet hardware is like jewelry for cabinetry. It's true that handles, knobs, and pulls are an amazing low-cost upgrade. And they also serve the important function of protecting your cabinets.

Hardware helps preserve the finish from wet hands, fingers with solid or liquid food particles, and normal wear and tear.

Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing can include hardware installation as part of a cabinet painting or kitchen remodel project.

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Moisture Inventory to Avoid Kitchen Cabinet Water Damage - Cincinnati OH

5. Take a Moisture Inventory of Your Kitchen

Prevent kitchen cabinet water damage by taking away any potential for it to occur. Look around the space and take note of where water, in any form, may come into contact with items it could harm.

This includes ice, steam, condensation, dampness, drips, and spills. Consider both short-term and long-term exposure.

You might also want to protect the bottom cabinet surface under your sink, that heirloom wood cutting board sitting in a vulnerable spot on the countertop, or a family photo placed in a danger zone. Move things around and take action where needed.

Do You Already Have Kitchen Cabinet Water Damage?

You'll be especially cautious if you just had your cabinets painted or invested in cabinet door replacement.

But if you're considering a facelift for your kitchen, be sure to follow these tips when the work is complete. Your new cabinet finish will look lovely for years.

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