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7 Must-Follow Tips for Selecting Your New Kitchen Countertops at Our Cincinnati Slab Yard

You’re embarking on an exciting kitchen remodel with new countertops. To find your perfect granite, quartz or quartzite, visit our partner slab yard in Cincinnati. Choose the exact piece of stone we'll use to make your kitchen countertops.

Follow these 7 tips for an enjoyable, successful slab yard shopping trip:

1. Make an appointment.

Call ahead to schedule your slab yard visit. Staff will escort you and answer all your questions.

2. Bring Samples with You

Bring a piece of flooring, paint swatches, a cabinet sample, or other items you can reference to help you envision combinations. These samples are invaluable in helping you pick the perfect countertop color and pattern.

3. Dress for Walking and Weather

Comfy, closed-toed, walking shoes are a must for exploring the slab yard.

This is an area with giant pieces of stone, potential uneven surfaces, and lots of area to cover in your quest for the perfect stone.

Besides comfortable shoes, dress for the weather as many slab yards have material both inside their warehouse and outside in the yard.

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4. Know Your Budget

It's disappointing to spend an hour choosing the perfect granite slab only to discover the material is far above your budget. For instance, Granite is priced by grades or levels.

The staff at the yard slab will help you find slabs within your budget.

Keep in mind that staff at the slab yard will not discuss specific pricing with you as they do not sell raw material directly to the public. Instead, after choosing your favorite slabs, we finalize the exact countertop price, which includes all materials, transport, fabrication, and installation.

5. Ask Questions at the Slab Yard

Quartz, quartzite and granite countertops last a lifetime, so you shouldn't need to update them ever again! Therefore, it's important to ask questions about durability, maintenance, and other options. Staff know these one-of-a-kind stones inside and out.

Sample Questions:

  • Which price level or grouping is this material?
  • What special care or maintenance does this specific slab require? Granite slabs, for instance, are composed of many minerals. Some are more durable or non-porous than others.
  • Do you have anything like this (show a picture or sample) with more or less (color, pattern, etc.)?

Don’t hesitate to express what you like and don’t like about the material you are viewing. You can find materials with similar characteristics but with different shades or tones.

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Every Slab is One-of-a-Kind
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Cutting a Granite Slab
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Slab Yard Display

6. View Multiple Slabs

No two slabs are the same. When you like a specific slab, ask to see the slabs located behind it in the group. In fact, viewing multiple slabs of the same product is advantageous during your final selection process.

7. Don't Move Slabs Yourself!

Leave that to the experts! Slabs are extremely heavy, and will crush you if they fall. Yard staff are happy to help you view more slabs safely by using a forklift or other machinery.

The Countertop Slab Yard is a Treasure Hunt

Finding your dream countertop is exciting. By being prepared and asking questions, your slab yard visit will be fun and successful. Let staff guide you to natural granite, quartz or quartzite that perfectly suits your taste, lifestyle and budget.

Once you find what you love, be sure to reserve it. Since mother nature created granite slabs, you will never find an identical piece even from the same source. They will contact us to arrange pick up and transfer to our fabrication facility.

Browse some of our before and after project photos on Facebook. We can’t wait to transform your selections into jaw-dropping custom countertops that will make your kitchen remodel extraordinary. Call Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing to schedule a free consultation.

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