New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware–the Finishing Touch

Just like adding jewelry or a tie to your outfit, kitchen cabinet hardware adds an elegant touch that accentuates the look of your kitchen.

Cabinet Hardware is More Than a Pretty Decoration

Handles, pulls, and knobs serve some important functions.

  • Your cabinet fronts stay cleaner as cabinet hardware protects them from messy fingers coated in oils, food, and moisture.
  • Less cleaning, wear and tear makes your cabinet finish last longer.
  • Cabinet hardware is a low maintenance, easy to clean option versus cleaning full cabinetry.
  • It's easier to open and close drawers and cabinets, making you more efficient in the kitchen.
  • They give bare cabinets and drawers personality that matches the style of the space.

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How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen cabinet hardware comes in so many varieties, that you'll have no problem finding the perfect look and feel. Take your time choosing just the right style.

Want a Modern Approach?
Stainless steel bar pulls and knobs are sleek and coordinate perfectly with stainless steel appliances.

Do You Like Bling?
Add hardware in crystal, glass, or porcelain to your cabinets for glamor and sophistication.

Love Your White Cabinets?
Showcase cream, ivory, or white painted cabinets with sleek black hardware. It's easy to find shiny black pulls and knobs for a chic design. Decorative wrought iron is another great choice for an antique or country kitchen vibe.

Prefer an Earthy, Natural Look?
Try textured copper or rustic bronze cabinet hardware. You could get creative with bronze twig pulls or river rock knobs.

Going for a luxurious feel?
In an elegant kitchen, sleek gold knobs and pulls are a popular choice. Metal drawer pulls and knobs are available in almost any shape and finish including stainless steel, gold, bronze, polished nickel, brass, brushed chrome, and more.

How about an animal theme?
You'll find chickens, turtles, dragonflies, fish, bear, sheep, and many other animal-shaped cabinet hardware for a themed kitchen. For that matter, there's flowers, trees, hearts, and other shapes, too.

Kitchen hardware comes in a variety of price points for every budget. However, a word of caution-you get what you pay for.

Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing suggests you see and touch the kitchen cabinet hardware in person (versus ordering online) or order them from a reputable supplier (we can offer recommendations).

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Types of Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

  • Bar pull: The bar attaches to the cabinet face at two points with space to grab the bar between. You can mount them vertically or horizontally. They come in varying lengths.
  • Arch pull: Like a bar pull, but the bar has an arched curve.
  • Handle pull: These have a square shape instead of a rounded bar.
  • Cup pull: These get their name from their half-cupped shape. It's the perfect pocket for a couple of your fingers and a much lower profile means less to bump into or snag your clothes on.
  • Finger pull: Named because you use the tips of your fingers to grasp the pull. The rectangular or square shape is easy to clean but not as low profile as the rounded cup pull.

What Styles Can I Find in Kitchen Knobs?

Knobs traditionally have one attachment point. Like pulls, knobs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They work best on cabinet doors and often have coordinating style pulls to use on bigger doors or drawer fronts.

  • Mushroom knob: Shaped like this much-loved food, a mushroom knob has a round shape that is flattened on top. This shape is one of the most popular for knobs because of its comfort and versatility.
  • Oval knob: Like the mushroom, but elongated on two sides to give more surface area to grip. Oval knobs are an excellent choice for children or others with grip concerns.
  • Round knob–where you grab is spherical rather than flattened like the mushroom. The sphere shape means the knob sits further out from the cabinet or drawer.
  • Rectangular knob: The knob has a square or rectangular form.
  • Bar knob: A miniature version of the cabinet bar pull, but with only one attachment point. This choice is a great way to match pulls and knobs for different sized cabinets and drawers.
  • Birdcage knob: These knobs are not made of solid material. Instead, they are bars shaped into spheres or similar shapes. Birdcage knobs are perfect for a country or antique kitchen style.

Add New Cabinet Hardware to your Kitchen Makeover Plan

No matter what your dream kitchen style, adding a personal touch with new kitchen cabinet hardware is fun and affordable. It will dress up your kitchen and protect that beautiful new finish. While we're there, ask us about other upgrades like a new kitchen backsplash, repainting your kitchen island, soft-close cabinet hinges and faucets.

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