Best Kitchen Faucets for Your Cincinnati Kitchen Remodel Makeover

A practical item that gets a lot of use, the best kitchen faucet is an unmistakable centerpiece. It also offers features to give you a helping hand.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet?

Quality is a Must
First, put a priority on quality. Your faucet must stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Be wary of faucets for sale at big box retailers that look great on the outside, but contain plastic parts on the inside that simply won’t last. We only recommend and install kitchen faucets made with interior brass parts.

Make Sure it Fits
Second, we ask our kitchen makeover customers to shop locally at either the Ferguson website or Cincinnati showroom (by appointment only). Learn about the many faucet options available, make a note of your preferences, and then discuss your selections with us to ensure the right fit and function in your kitchen.

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Kitchen Faucet Features

Pull Out Spray

A pull-out spray faucet is one of the most popular choices for the kitchen because of its many advantages. You’ll find a large variety of models and brands available in every budget.

Its pull-out head characterizes this spray style kitchen faucet so you can aim it exactly where you need it. It makes washing dishes and vegetables a breeze.

You can even use a pull-out sprayer to fill your mop bucket. Pay attention to the hose to be sure it doesn’t tangle or leak in the cabinet below your sink causing water damage.

A pull out spray tap in a new home remodel

Pull Out Spray Pros

  1. One-handed water control.
  2. Aim it where you need.
  3. Pulls out several inches so you can spray outside the sink.
  4. Many styles and colors available.

Pull Out Spray Cons

  1. The hose can tangle under the sink.
  2. Over time, the head might not retract completely into the base.
  3. The hose may develop a leak under your sink.
  4. Water fights! The temptation is there!

Side spray faucet

Side spray taps function like the pull-out spray, but with a few more disadvantages.

  1. The side sprayer is its own section on the faucet base. Therefore, installation requires an additional hole. Some sinks don't have a place to install side spray kitchen faucets, so check with us before making a purchase.
  2. You must turn on the main faucet before you can use the side sprayer, another step in its functionality.
  3. You can spray in many directions and even into your mop bucket outside the sink. But you won’t have as much water pressure because the water is being diverted from the faucet to the hose, instead of directly through the faucet.
Side spray tap

Pre-rinse Faucets

Pre-rinse taps are a trending upgrade for your kitchen.

They make a striking statement hovering high above the sink with a coiled pull-down sprayer.

A popular choice for commercial kitchens, you may notice these on cooking shows.

Pre Rinse Faucet for Residential Kitchen Sinks - Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing 400x400

Pre-Rinse Pros

  1. Strong water pressure.
  2. Stylish and contemporary.
  3. Taller than many traditional taps for filling tall pans.

Pre-Rinse Cons

  1. The cost is significantly more expensive.
  2. Taller taps don’t always work with your cabinet configuration.
  3. Not very water-efficient.

Double Handle Faucets

A two-handle faucet has a separate handle for the hot and cold water.

The two-handle style may not be the best choice if there’s young children in your home. You’ll need two hands to adjust each handle for a safe hot or cold temperature and the desired water flow.

There's another style choice called the bridge faucet in which the piping between the two taps is connected.

You may like this faucet style for its clean lines and adjustable height.

Double Handle Kitchen Faucet - Cincinati Cabinet Refinishing 400

Touch Taps

Using sensor technology, manufacturers developed kitchen faucets requiring only a simple touch to turn them on and off. This technology comes at a price, though, and some maintenance too.

Touch taps use electricity to operate, and you must replace the batteries periodically. But you only need one hand to use it, and it requires fewer holes in the sink and countertop for installation.

Touch Faucet in Black - Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing - Best Kitchen Faucets 400

Touch Tap Pros

  1. Limited spread of germs.
  2. Temperature-controlled by handle, so kids won't burn themselves.
  3. Fewer of those messy water spots to clean off the faucet fixture.
  4. Water-saving design.

Touch Tap Cons

  1. Price! They are far more expensive than the similar look of a traditional faucet.
  2. Hard to adjust flow and temperature. You still have to touch them for this.
  3. Difficult to clean because they turn on and off when wiping them down.

* Note that the touch feature may cause these kitchen faucets to be left on by accident. Look for a model with a sensor that turns the water off after a certain timeframe to avoid this problem.

Touchless Taps

We’ve all experienced the touchless faucets popular in public restrooms. A new trend in home kitchen faucets, they turn on when our hands trigger a sensor, and typically turn off after a prescribed timeframe.

Though there are plenty of advantages, a touchless faucet turns on when anything passes in front of the sensor, not just your hands. It’s almost a certainty that items will get wet when you didn’t intend.

Touchless Kitchen Faucet Technology - Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing 400

Touchless Tap Pros

  1. Minimizes germs.
  2. Temperature-controlled by the handle, so kids won’t burn themselves.
  3. No messy water spots to clean off the faucet fixture.
  4. Water-saving sensor turns off automatically.
  5. Easy access for the handicapped or wheelchair users.

Touchless Tap Cons

  1. Price! Touchless taps are more expensive than the similar look of a traditional faucet.
  2. You still need to touch the faucet to adjust water flow and temperature.
  3. The faucet turns on if you trigger the sensor, even if you didn’t want it on.
  4. You’ll have to reactivate the sensor if the water shuts off while you’re still using it.

Faucet Finishes

No matter which of the features you choose, the best kitchen faucets look great in your kitchen. Select a finish that complements your cabinet hardware, appliances, and paint colors.

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Ready to Shop for Your Best Kitchen Faucet?

Step 1: Choose the features most important to you. Function should take precedence over fashion.

Step 2: Search the Build with Ferguson catalog for your preferred kitchen faucet style.

Step 3: Let us know your choice of kitchen faucets. We will make sure it is compatible with your sink style and kitchen countertops. Then, we will place the order for you so we can pass on our special contractor pricing.

Call us today to get a free consultation estimate for your kitchen remodel makeover. We’ll listen to your vision and discuss details like cabinet painting, countertops, backsplashes, sinks, and soft-close cabinet hinges.

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