How to Choose Kitchen Sinks for Your Kitchen Makeover

New kitchen sinks are a major decision when planning your kitchen remodel. Since you and others in the household use the sink multiple times a day, it needs to be high quality and functional, while still matching your decorating style.

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Choosing Your Kitchen Sink

Considerations as you begin your search for the perfect wash basin:

  • Do you prefer having two basins or one large one?
  • Do you frequently wash large items?
  • Do you hand wash many items or primarily use the dishwasher?
Double basin
Single basin
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Now that you're thinking about how you use your kitchen sink, let’s look at the different options available. We'll also cover some advantages and disadvantages of each style. Then, you'll be ready to choose this important feature for your kitchen makeover project.

1. Double Basin vs Single Basin

Your choice of basin style is really a personal preference.

Double basin sinks mean each basin takes up a portion of the sink area. You can get them in two equally sized basins, or select one that splits the basin into unequal parts, like 40 percent/60 percent.

Do you like divided spaces you can use simultaneously? Perhaps one side for washing dirty items, and the other for rinsing? Or maybe you'd like a side for washing fruits and vegetables, while using the other side for washing cooking utensils as you prepare a meal.

Think through how you would most often use divided spaces in the sink to help you choose the right sizing.

A large single basin sink might be appropriate if you frequently wash large pots and pans, or even small children and dogs! It gives you a huge footprint of space, but it can only be used for one purpose at a time.

Almost all sink materials and placement styles are available in both single and multiple basin styles.

2. Best Materials For Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks come in a variety of attractive materials. These materials have both unique looks and distinct properties.

Stainless Steel

Traditional stainless steel is easy to clean and extremely durable.

It looks great in all styles of kitchens from retro to modern and is the favorite of chefs.

Kitchen Sinks-Kitchen Makeovers-Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink-Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing-400x400
Stainless Steel Undermount

Kitchen Sinks-Kitchen Makeovers-Porcelain Kitchen Sink-Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing-400x400
Mint Porcelain

Porcelain Enameled

Porcelain basins come in popular white and trending black colors.

Other available hues include mint, lemon, navy slate, biscuit and espresso.

This porcelain coating is durable, but can be chipped.

Granite Composite

Granite coordinates your look with the quartz or granite countertops.

Available in white, black, brown or gray, interior designers recommend contrasting the granite sink with the countertop color.

For example, a black granite sink looks sharp, under-mounted to a white quartz countertop.

New black wash basin with Install of Granite Countertops - Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing
Granite Drop-in Sink

Kitchen Sinks-Kitchen Makeovers-Fireclay Kitchen Sink-Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing-400x400
Farmhouse Sink

Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

If you are going for a farmhouse look, you will find very durable wash basins made of fireclay.

These come in several colors and hues, like biscuit, matte gray, black and white.


Copper is highly durable and beautiful. It's susceptible to scratching, and smooth finishes are likely to get dinged, but those scars only enhance its character.

High-quality copper sinks are long-lasting and resistant to rust and corrosion, but the price tag is higher than other materials.

Copper wash basin in a West Chester kitchen
Distinctive Copper

3. Sink Styles

Undermount Sink

These sinks mount from below the countertop. They come in many varied materials and bowl styles. Undermounts are currently the most popular choice with homeowners because of the way they look and function.

Undermount Pros

  • Seamless countertop all the way into the sink. This makes it easy to wipe crumbs and liquids right into the basin.
  • More useable counter space—no sink edge to get in the way.
  • Smooth modern look.
  • Easier to clean—no edge around your sink to collect grime.

Undermount Cons

  • Some can be more expensive than other models.
  • Cannot be installed on all countertops—such as older tile or laminate.
  • Difficult to install and improper installation can result in failure—but you won’t have to worry because you hired the professionals at Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing!
  • Our fabricator has decades of experience mounting sinks and countertops.

Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink is one where the large basin stretches all the way to the front of your counter depth. It has an apron or flat area that makes up the front face of the sink and goes all the way to sink depth. They are made of fireclay, stainless steel, porcelain enameled and granite materials, so you can find the perfect color and material to match your kitchen.

Farmhouse sinks, like undermount varieties, are available in many styles, materials and colors, including large single basin and double basin configurations.

Farmhouse Pros

  • Deeper than most kitchen sinks.
  • Extra-large size makes it perfect for washing large pans and other big items.
  • Apron in front protects cabinets below from water splash.

Farmhouse Cons

  • They can be more expensive than other styles.
  • They need a special cabinet base because of the way they sit in the cabinet.
  • A deeper basin means children or handicapped individuals might find it difficult to reach the bottom.

Drop-In Kitchen Sinks

Drop-in sinks, also called top mount sinks, are those that drop into a hole cut in your countertop. This means the lip of the wash basin goes over your countertop all the way around the sink. Depending on the material, this lip can be shallow (look at some stainless-steel options) or thicker for porcelain enameled.

The lip can be inconvenient when trying to sweep crumbs or other materials into the basin from the countertop. Grime and other dirt can also build up around the edge of the lip, so additional cleaning is needed on a regular basis to keep this area clean.

Drop-In Pros

  • They come in virtually every material and shape.
  • Less expensive.
  • Easiest to install of all the basin styles.

Drop-In Cons

  • Cleanup is less convenient than other styles.
  • Some countertop space is lost due to the drop in lip.
  • A good waterproof seal is important during installation to prevent water that collects against the lip from seeping under the lip.

Purchasing Your Sink

It's imperative that our fabricator can confirm a proper style and fit for your kitchen countertops. Therefore, we ask that you make your sink and faucet selections from the inventory at Ferguson's.

We will purchase them on your behalf using our builder volume discount. Passing these savings on to you ensures you get top quality products at affordable prices. It also prevents installation problems during your kitchen makeover.

Kitchen Sinks for Function and Beauty

When planning your cabinet painting project or kitchen countertop replacement, don’t forget to include sink and faucet upgrades.

The Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing team includes a professional carpenter, a tile setter who creates your beautiful backsplash, an expert countertop fabricator, and an experienced plumber who installs your new sink and faucet. Your kitchen project gets done right, guaranteed!

Call us today to schedule a free consultation estimate. We'll listen carefully to your wants and preferences, and discuss details like cabinet painting, interior painting of walls and ceiling, cabinet hardware and soft-close cabinet hinges, countertops, backsplashes, faucets, and sinks to bring your vision to life.

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