Paint Color Consultation Services from Our Local Cincinnati Expert

Choosing paint colors is the most challenging part of your kitchen makeover or cabinet painting project. That's why we offer an affordable in-home paint color consultation with an expert. It's so important to get your color scheme right.

What Makes Paint Color Consultation a Valuable Service?

  1. Confidence in Your Color Choices
    Cabinet painting and kitchen remodels are big projects. It's hard to live with 'color regret' when it doesn't look the way you expected. For instance, there are literally hundreds of white paint colors, and they don't all work for your space. A paint color consultation gives you more confidence that you'll be happy with the results.
  2. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
    Sometimes, you get stuck in a color rut. You decide that you must have the brightest white kitchen cabinets, or you want to use a popular color like agreeable gray. A paint color consultation opens your mind to new captivating options you may not have considered on your own.
  3. An Objective, Experienced Opinion
    Our color specialist, Barb, understands the effects of lighting, how to match tints, shades, and tones, and can more accurately visualize how the paint will look on your walls or cabinets. An expert opinion is very useful when you and/or others in the household are struggling to make a decision.
  4. Showcase What's Already in the Space
    Paint color consultation is also valuable in cases where you want some version of a color scheme to match what's already in the space. Perhaps it's a beloved antique dining set or a granite countertop. Some homes boast historical features or unique architecture. Our consultant will help you choose paint colors that show off these elements to their best advantage.
  5. Resale Value
    First and foremost, the paint color consultation guides you toward colorizing a space you'll love. But you'll increase your return on investment by picking a color scheme attractive to future home buyers, even if selling isn't on the radar right now. You can infuse your personality while still enjoying colors that stand the test of time.
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White Shaker Cabinet Door Replacement - Black Backsplash Black Countertop - Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing 300x500
Tintable 2K Poly in Gray for Coffee Bar Cabinets - Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet and Wall Colors with a Pro

Cincinnati Cabinet Refinishing offers paint color consultation for a nominal fee of $75, which only includes the items to be painted per your contract with us. Our consultant, Barb, has decades of experience and brings a passion for interior design to your color palette.

It is a personalized, value-packed, in-person experience worth far more than the ticket price because we want our customers to be happy when the project is complete.

In fact, 'color regret' is one of the biggest causes of dissatisfaction after a paint job. Let's make sure that doesn't happen to you.

✓ Barb schedules a time to meet with you at your home.

✓ You'll share your vision for the space, colors you're leaning toward, and any questions or concerns.

✓ Barb will evaluate things like the style and size of the space, lighting, other items in the room, your color preferences, and more.

✓ You'll receive specific paint color recommendations.

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Choosing Paint Colors - Hundreds of Shades of White Paint - White Cabinet Painters Cincinnati
Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets - Granite Countertop

Paint Colors Bring Your Style to Life

More research is needed about the psychology of color and its effect on moods, feelings, and behaviors. Your emotions about color are often deeply personal and rooted in your own experience or culture.

But there's no doubt that color influences how we feel and act. A fresh coat of paint looks attractive. Level up with a paint color consultation to help you bring colors into your home that boost mood, increase productivity, reduce anxiety, or create ambiance.

Ask about our paint color consultation service when you visit with us during your estimate appointment.

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